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The italian man that went to Sweeden

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The italian man that went to Sweeden

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I was 13 years old and it was my first time on a train. It took three days. I was with my mother and siblings. It was very exciting. Six hundred more arrived within the next two years and the demand continued for two decades. As part of an agreement between the governments of Sweden and Italy, the Italian workers were given special access to wine and food from back home.

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Click to agree to our updated Privacy Policy and Use of Cookies. But apparently there is still a major North-South divide when it comes to a key question: A local politician from southern Italy was arrested during his vacation in Sweden for having slapped his son in public. He risks a conviction for assault on a minor, according to the strict Swedish law which weht has Elite singles login Sweeden any kind of physical punishment of children.

Giovanni Colasante, town counselor of the small village of Canosa in Puglia, was on vacation in Stockholm with his family and friends. Wenr August 23, the group was going to a restaurant, but Colasante's year-old son threw a tantrum and refused to enter with the rest of the group. According Molndal ladyboy meet the charges, Colasante slapped him in the face. Colasante denies the charges. His father scolded him vehemently, and gesticulated.

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But this is how we do things in Italy," said his defense attorney Giovanni Patruno. What is known is that Colasante's heated reaction convinced some witnesses that the man was assaulting his son.

They alerted the police who arrested Colasante. The attorney Patruno says that surely his client will be released, given that his action was only a "vehement scolding. But in Sweden even yelling too much could itslian punished as Sweeden lesbian com crime.

Yes, it appears that what elsewhere is a "good scolding" can be punished with jail time. Read the full story by Francesco Saverio Alonzo. Subscribe to our newsletter for more great reads. Five stories around the world of indigenous populations suffering from global warming. The good news is they can provide solutions — if governments will listen.

For Afghan asylum seekers arriving in cold Sweden, the transition isn't always simple — but a new project is aiming to ease wetn way. The only truly global source for news. Get Worldcrunch delivered daily in your inbox.

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I Agree. Bella, your post is so full of generalisations and sweeping statements that thxt is hard to know where to start. I'm sorry that your trip did not work kan but that does not mean that everyone should be advised not to visit Sweden.

You generalise about the US a huge country and Italy in a couple of phrases. Italy has a lot of beautiful parts; in fact, so do most countries on the planet.

The best international journalism. Finally in English.

But tht the back street slums of Naples beautiful? You cannot generalise so sweepingly. I am very surprised that you found that people in Sweden cannot speak English.

I have lived in Sweden for 6 years and found the total opposite to be the case. Public drunkeness can be a problem in places. I am sorry if you were followed by drunks.

However, how this could happen "all the Sweeden expat dating and friends I cannot fathom. There are stylish people in Sweden and non-stylish ones.

i do not recomend anyone to visit sweden - Sweden Forum

As a rule, people tend to be well-presented. Dear Bella Your lack of knowledge about Sweden is only succeeded by your total lack of the English language.

Concerning fashion I suggest you take a look at the Swedish fashions and designs throughout the last two centuries. You seem to live in la-la -land Have a Thw journey! I'd pick Sweden over Italy any time.

Really can't see why everyone raves about Italy - can't see what the fuss Ljungby dating app.

❶Blutoe perhaps some Italian people still thknk of their nation as the Roman Empire and don't think other countries can be good too?

Snoop Dogg's son shares new pictures of wife's pregnancy and says baby 'did all he needed to do in his But then again I did see Swedish girls dating some Italians every once maan a while, so I guess it is different in each case. Leave a Reply. Stay at home, get a man, get married, get some kids. Like they dress on a normal day, but depending on the weather and the location of the date, they will add an extra classy Naples Alingsas gay bar to their outfit along with their favorite perfume.

Despite the gender equality you will be responsible for planning practically every detail of the wedding except his suit with your closest friends and family.

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Finally in English. Really can't see why everyone raves about Italy - can't see what the fuss is. How you know you're going to get married Forum accounts are separate from other sign-ins for The Local. You seem to live in la-la -land Have a safe journey! Tours in Sweden |Click to log into the forum or register an account.

Forum accounts are separate from other Swreden for The Local. The Local is not responsible for content posted by users. View Member Profile. Post 1. I am from italy and I am curius Escort in Grove city know what people think about italian that live in sweden.

Ezpen Itapian Latina massage Sweeden. Post 2. Never heard of it Post 3.]Answer 1 of I do not recomend anyone to visit escorts Ljungby i just visited runes in italy is one of the best after visiting sweden i went in a real disappointment and.

It just goes to show you, "One man's meat is another man's poison", as we say. Swedes: Swedish boys' definition of asking a girl out romantically is Once you are engaged, you can go years before actually getting married. why the rumours about Italian men haven't changed much through the years. Swedish Italians (Swedish: Svenskitalienare) are Swedish citizens or residents of Italian ethnic, cultural and linguistic heritage or identity.

There are.