The Romanian Spirit

Comment: By Mitch Foyle-York

Had you found yourself in Bucharest as recently as a month ago, you would have thought yourself trapped in some kind of Sci-fi time portal. If it wasn’t for the modern fashion sense and mobile phones of those around you, and their more peaceful nature, you would have been forgiven for thinking you had been teleported to the 1989 Revolution against the Ceausescu regime. Continue reading

Japan’s foreign policy under Trump: Time to remilitarize?

Comment: By Martin Belchev.

Japan’s foreign policy has long defied the traditional realist security paradigm in regards to its military and hard power capabilities. Indeed, proponents of political realism in foreign affairs like to point out that states who achieve a certain economic development will inevitably develop corresponding hard power capabilities. This may be an attempt to either increase their own defensive posture or obtain greater influence on the international scene.
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Russia vs Belarus: Lukashenko Looks Away as Energy Dispute Unfolds

Feature: Written by Mauro Orrù.

Whenever government disputes spring up, outspoken diplomacy never fails to come to mind as the antidote of first resort. Yet, Russian president Vladimir Putin and his Belarusian counterpart Alexandr Lukashenko have long ditched old-school open dialogue for a breed of silent politics that is inadvertently pushing Minsk to the West, away from Moscow’s sphere of interest.

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