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Our team consists of contributing writers from all over the world, of all ages, with different levels of academia and expertise. You just need to be passionate about international conflict and modern warfare, with a flair for journalistic writing.

If you would like to write for The Conflict Comment, please send a cover letter and at least two article pitches to king.harriet@hotmail.co.uk. 

Contributing Writers

Javier Ramirez 

Javier 2

Javier is an international political scientist and Colombian diplomat, who previously studied at the University of Greenwich. He is currently a member of Surrounded the Dialogues (rodeemos el dialogo). He has facilitated and moderated the Colombia International Victims Forum. Javier has been a panellist in topics related with the culture of dialogue and the Colombian peace process. He has worked in many political campaigns in Colombia and was formerly a columnist for the Spanish political website “Plataforma“.

Marcus Lawrence


Marcus is a recent graduate of Keele University, holding a degree in English and American Literatures. His interests are broad, with particular investment in party politics, sports both domestic and international, and social issues ranging from gender equality and feminism to racism and xenophobia. Beyond journalistic writing, Marcus also writes creative prose and is currently working on a series of short stories depicting the lives of people growing up in a rural environment.

Samantha Holmes

Samantha cc

Samantha is a BA International Relations and Spanish student studying at Kingston University, London. She has recently completed work experience with The House of Lords, where she shadowed reporters. Samantha is currently travelling Spain, visiting Barcelona, Madrid and Salamanca; completing a language course. She takes great interest in topics such religious extremism and the South American drug cartel.

Rayyan Sorefan 


Rayyan is law student at the University of Kent. He is currently the co-founder of eLog, an innovative company seeking to provide humanitarian technological aid to refugees. Rayyan has taken a keen interest in international relations after joining Model United Nations three years ago. Ever since, Rayyan has participated in a number of global and national conferences most recently at the Imperial College London.

Orla Knox-Macaulay


Orla is a International Development with Social Anthropology undergraduate at the University of East Anglia. She is the Vice President of Amnesty International at UEA and has contributed to many Human Rights panels. Orla plans to work for the UN when she has graduated, and is in the process of applying for an Internship at Amnesty International. She takes great interest in the infringement of people’s rights, especially FGM in countries like Sierra Leone and Burkina Faso; and hopes one day to contribute to the abolition of this practise.

Meghan Smith

Meghan Smith

Meghan is a fine art student, studying at the Manchester School of Art. She takes great interest in corruption of the catholic church and has recently held an exhibition called Ephemera, which aimed at taking art to the streets. Meghan’s project “bible bashers” recently featured in the exhibition ‘heaven is a place where nothing ever happens,’ curated by Adam Smythe. Meghan is an anti-war activist, and is fascinated by the prison industry and North Korea’s communist state.

George King

George King

George is a politics and international relations graduate, who studied at the University of Greenwich. He has written extensively about corruption in Qatar and economic and social development in Africa. He has previously worked as a parliamentary researcher at the House of Commons, working alongside MP Peter Aldous. George is currently working for VSO, volunteering in North-West Bangladesh, improving women rights in the workplace and assessing sexual health. He plans to complete an MA in international development in 2017.

Justin Marinelli


Justin has recently graduated from Durham University with an Msc. in Global Politics. He has experience working for Washington DC think tanks and also holds a BA in Philosophy and Comparative Humanities from Bucknell University, Pennsylvania. His main interests are in the areas of geopolitics, grand strategy, political risk, and covert operations.

Jake Blampied


Jake holds a BA in Classical Civilisations from the University of Roehampton and an MSc in International Conflict Studies from Kingston University. His writing interests include MENA issues, geopolitical issues and nationalism. His MSc thesis looked at the social implications of globalisation by tracking trends in nationalism and cosmopolitanism from 1980 to 2014.
Samuel Garcia McShannock

Samuel is a recent graduate from the University of Buckingham with an MA in Security and Intelligence and a BA in International Relations and Security from the University of Bradford. His main interests are the South China Sea, the former Soviet Union and the use of Intelligence to ensure security.

Georgia Banjo


Georgia Banjo lives in Cambridge. She recently graduated from the University of Oxford with a degree in History and is particularly interested in African politics. She is currently trying to improve her French and has hopes to study abroad at some point for a master’s in international security.

Fatuma Elmi


Fatuma is based in London, currently studying MSc in international Conflict at the University of Kingston and has a BA in International Relations from University of Westminster. She has a keen interest in Model UN and has attended both international and domestic conferences including the prestige annual conference hosted by Harvard University. Her main interests include; ethnic conflict in Africa, globalization and the role of ethics in modern day international conflicts. 

Ella Franceys


Ella has just graduated from the University of Birmingham with an MSc in International Development. She has written extensively on South Asian topics, specialising in Indian politics and the Golden Triangle. She has recently returned from a 2 month research trip to Myanmar uncovering groundbreaking primary evidence regarding the international opium supply chain. Internships of note include social research for the United Nations WASH department in Delhi and socio-economic enterprise projects in Kenya. Her career aspirations include global drug policy reform and improving farmers rights.

Bridgette Lane


Bridgette is a recent graduate of Trinity College Dublin, holding a Masters in International Peace Studies, having previously obtained a history degree from the University of Liverpool. She has formerly worked in political monitoring, where she undertook research on a wide range of issues in British politics. She is particularly interested in peace processes, migration and international human rights. Most recently, she completed her masters dissertation on the impact that the destruction of cultural property has on identity.
 Fathma Khalid
Fathma holds an MSc in Security Studies from University College London and a BA (Hons) in Philosophy, Politics and Economic from the University of York. Her interests include civil war, international intervention and the role of non-profit orgnaisations in conflict zones. She has a special interest in the Asia Pacific region, particularly South and South-East Asia. She has also published work with the Tempest.

Mitchell Foyle-York 


Mitchell is a freelance writer from High Wycombe, England, who focuses on current affairs, international relations, and political commentary in general. He also takes part in various campaigning activities, ranging from the Trade Union movement to environmental issues.

Guramrit Guron


Guramrit has recently completed her MA in Geopolitics, Territory and Security from King’s College London. Prior to this she completed a BSc (Econ) Geography with Economics from Queen Mary, University of London. She has recently returned from a conservation project based in Tenerife, protecting the resident species of dolphins and pilot whales, and is passionate about animal rights. She is particularly interested in human rights, the securitisation of HIV/AIDS, territorial and boundary dispute resolution and processes of radicalisation.

Thomas Claridge


Thomas is a recent graduate from the University of St Andrews, and Aberystwyth University. In addition to a First Class Honours undergraduate and a Distinction Class postgraduate degree, Thomas has worked in Parliament in a variety of roles.


Jacq Mehmet

Jacq Mehmet.jpg

Jacq is a recent graduate from the University of Oxford with a BA in History and Politics and is planning to soon study for a Masters in International Relations. He is particularly interested in Middle East issues and looking specifically at Britain’s continued influence in the modern world.