Book Review: Legacy of Ashes: A history of the CIA

Review: By Justin Marinelli 

The Hollywood myth of the CIA burns itself well into one’s memory. How many films have painted it as an indispensable agency staffed with the best and the brightest, manned by the most capable killers, and armed with billions in black-budget booty? We are all aware that this is a theatrical fiction, but we are influenced by it nonetheless.
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Trump’s Foreign Policy: a Radical shift or Continuation of Obama?

Comment: Written by Ibrahim Daair.

It’s done. Despite the chants and the hashtags of ‘not my president’ Donald Trump will be president of the United States come January 20th. Many, myself included, were amused by Trump’s campaign antics. And even toyed with the idea of his presidency based solely on the comedic value. However, as inauguration day approaches, now is a good time to seriously consider what his foreign policy might actually look like. 

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Trump and Brexit: The anti-establishmentarian narrative may be fashionable, but it is not original

Comment: Written by Rian Whitton. 

In 2015, David Cameron had won a surprise majority in Britain’s general election. By any estimate, this was a reassuring sign for the established order of things. A year and a half later, Cameron is gone, Britain is on course to leave the European Union, and demagogues have gained enormous political clout from France to the Philippines. Most importantly, we are now faced with the fact that a future American aircraft carrier will be named the USS Donald Trump. 

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Zero Days: Cyber Attacks as a Weapon of War

 Review: Written by Justin Marinelli.

“Right now, the norm in cyberspace is ‘do whatever you can get away with’. It’s not a good norm, but that’s the norm that we have. That’s the norm preferred by certain countries who engage in a lot of activities that they feel are benefiting their national security” – Colonel Gary D. Brown, staff judge advocate for US Cyber Command.

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