Syrian Ceasefire: “The US cannot be trusted to ensure peace”

Comment: Written by Justin Marinelli.

Hope for peace in Syria briefly showed its head in recent months with the news that the United States and Russia had reached a deal over the possibility of a ceasefire. However, with the even more recent deterioration of this ceasefire, the situation has returned to the unfortunate status quo that now looks set to continue indefinitely.

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The White Helmets Documentary: Civilians Saving Syria

Review: Written by Orla Knox-Macaulay.

The White Helmets, an acclaimed Syrian humanitarian aid group who have saved over 58,000 lives during the civil war, has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize next month following a recent documentary released on Netflix. The gripping 40-minute programme follows the lives of three male ‘White Helmets’ and tells their story among the chaos, distress and mass-murder of Aleppo.

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How the Islamic State built an empire

Report: written by Harriet King

“ISIS Militants behead man on the street as he screams for help”

“Video shows ISIS sickening mass slaughter of hundreds of Iraqi soldiers”
“ISIS claim if ten fighters rape a woman it makes her Muslim”
Every day we see headlines such as these in the news, informing us of the grotesque techniques enforced by the self-proclaimed jihadist terror group ISIS.
But what do we actually know about them other than the graphic propaganda they inflict?

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