Russia vs Belarus: Lukashenko Looks Away as Energy Dispute Unfolds

Feature: Written by Mauro Orrù.

Whenever government disputes spring up, outspoken diplomacy never fails to come to mind as the antidote of first resort. Yet, Russian president Vladimir Putin and his Belarusian counterpart Alexandr Lukashenko have long ditched old-school open dialogue for a breed of silent politics that is inadvertently pushing Minsk to the West, away from Moscow’s sphere of interest.

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Why Russia’s reopening of bases in Cuba and Vietnam was predictable

Comment: Written by Justin Marinelli.

News has recently emerged that the Russian Defence Ministry are considering the reopening of military bases in Cuba and Vietnam. Many greeted this move with surprise and alarm, however there is nothing surprising about it –  it highlights the strategic aggression that has guided Russian actions over the past several years. 

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