It’s Time We Acknowledge the Genocide of the Rohingya People

Report: Written by Ella Franceys.

In the wake of several violent clashes this month in Rakhine state, it seems more poignant than ever to address the historical discrimination faced by the Rohingya Muslims. 

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Bangladesh in a New Light:The Chronicles of Nadiya

Review: Written by George King.

As terrifying headlines such as “The Rise of Islamic Extremism in Bangladesh” circulate the international media, the South Asian country has had to fight to uphold its reputation for some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. However, a recent documentary narrated by Nadiya Hussain, portrays the country as proud, diverse and prosperous – embracing its sundry religions and cultures, a must watch for all. 

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Is China Abusing The Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

Report: Written by Orla Knox-Macaulay.

The People’s Republic of China has been called out by NGO’s such as Amnesty International regarding its human right infringements. The country has severely restricted its populations freedom of expression and speech due to authoritarian control; and this alone abuses at least four articles in the Human Rights Declaration.   Continue reading