Verbalisation: The Power Of Words To Drive Change

Review: By Rian Whitton

The lines between strategic communications and behavioural science are blurring, opening doors for a range of actors. From private advertisers, global brands, political parties and military authorities, the power to influence and persuade a designated audience is being supplemented with a growing number of techniques, methodologies and doctrines. Following the tumult of 2016, Sven Hughes, an ex-serviceman, gives readers a refreshing insight into the Influence industry, where its stalled, and how it can get results in the future. Continue reading

Arms Race In The Bay Of Bengal

Comment: By Sazzad Haider

The purchasing of two submarines from Beijing puts Bangladesh in a dilemma over the equilibrium between its mighty neighbours; India and China.  The growing Chinese influence in Bangladesh, economic & military, has become a growing concern for India.  Following an extensive military procurement drive, India is now trying to persuade Bangladesh to sign a defence treaty to regain a geopolitical edge over the Chinese. Continue reading