America: A Law Turned Upside Down

Comment: Written by James McQuillan.

In the wake of Charlottesville, the fear of an escalation in tensions between the respective sides weighs heavy on the country’s collective psyche. It is with this fear in mind that many protest and demonstrate against president Trump; while a crowd of loyal supporters to the president gathered to witness his speech, there was no shortage of those willing to stand as a contravening opinion.

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Tokyo’s Drift

Comment: Written by Joseph Byrne.
In April Japan launched its only naval destroyer for the first time to assist the US warship USS Carl Vinson while crossing the Korean peninsula. This may not seem like a strong show of military force. Armies all around the world conduct joint operations frequently for mutual co-operation and security purposes, especially the USA. However, this action is part of a symbolic trend in recent years that puts Japanese Foreign Policy on a more offensive stance.

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Verbalisation: The Power Of Words To Drive Change

Review: By Rian Whitton

The lines between strategic communications and behavioural science are blurring, opening doors for a range of actors. From private advertisers, global brands, political parties and military authorities, the power to influence and persuade a designated audience is being supplemented with a growing number of techniques, methodologies and doctrines. Following the tumult of 2016, Sven Hughes, an ex-serviceman, gives readers a refreshing insight into the Influence industry, where its stalled, and how it can get results in the future. Continue reading